Benefits of CEREC

Ceramic Reconstruction, or CEREC, has made the dental restoration process much more efficient and much less difficult. Before CEREC, multiple appointments had to be made for the process to be completed. CEREC has made it possible for the dentist to construct, produce and install the ceramic insert in one appointment session. CEREC has cut out the lab work and multiple appointments needed to cover the damaged tooth. The benefits of CEREC technology includes time, ease, cost, and quality.

The Many Benefits of CEREC

  • Time- Before CEREC, dental restoration was no quick task. The dentist would have to make a mold of the patient’s tooth in one session before sending it off to a lab to get the insert made specifically for that patient. While the lab was busy constructing the insert, the patient would have to wear a temporary crown. Once the insert arrived in the mail, another appointment was set up in which the dentist would remove the temporary crown and install the permanent insert. CEREC has cut this timely process down to one session. Using a computer aid design and manufacturing program, the dentist is able to make a mold, produce the ceramic insert and install it all in one appointment.
  • Ease- No one is going to argue that multiple appointment systems involving lab work are easier than the CEREC system. The ability to do the entire process of dental restoration in one day makes CEREC much easier than its predecessor.
  • Cost- The patient can save a lot of money thanks to CEREC. Instead of multiple appointments and expensive lab work, everything needed for the dental restoration is completed in-house saving the patient a lot of money in the long run. Also, ceramic moldings are cheaper than gold or silver crowns for both dentist and patient.
  • Quality- Ceramic fixtures have a more natural bite and feel to them than gold or silver. Because CEREC is computer-assisted in-house, the porcelain mold will also be a better fit.

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